Mindful 101

What is mindfulness meditation? In this class, you will learn the basics of mindfulness meditation, its origins and benefits, and experience a short meditation.


Breathing is the most basic thing all humans do. In this class, we use the breath as our anchor to become more mindful, calm our minds and find ease. If you can breath, then you can meditate!


Ever feel short of breath when you’re upset? Not only does our body carry us through life, it is often the first to tell us how we’re feeling. In this class, we will learn to be more mindful of our physical sensations. By becoming more aware of our physical sensations, we can also learn to tune into our minds.

Be Nice

This class will make you become a nicer person. Seriously! We use the loving-kindness practice to cultivate more compassion towards ourselves and other. By increasing our capacity to be nice, we will ourselves feel happier and more fulfilled.


Our lives are full of action. Instead of being still, we learn to incorporate movement and action into our meditation. We will learn walking meditation and other movement based practices.


We are surrounded by sound in life but have you ever slowed down to notice each and every sound around you? We’ll do that in this class and learn to use sound as the anchor for our meditation. 


Come and unwind, or fall asleep in this class. You work all day. This is your reward at the end of the day. You’ll leave this class feeling calm and chilled out.


Emotions come in all forms and can sometimes be overwhelming. We will learn to use mindfulness techniques to create more space around stormy emotions and live life with more ease and freedom.