Pacific means peaceful in character or intent.  Pacific Pause was created with the intention of making our world a place with more ease, happiness and compassion, one mindful moment at a time.  

While modern life can be full of progress, opportunities and laughter, it can also be full of stress, suffering and cruelty.  We believe mindfulness meditation can create happier and more compassionate individuals, and in turn a happier and more compassionate world. 

Everyone has the capacity to be mindful and we want to help everyone reach their potential.  Come join us. 


Jing Lee, Founder

In 2014 I got engaged and was working at a company with amazing culture, people and flexibility. I also negotiated a considerable raise and a promotion. It was the most miserable year of my career.  

Earlier that year, a good friend got a job at my company in a similar role and negotiated a salary that was nearly 2x that of mine. She did what any good friend would do and shared her salary information with me. I was overcome with feelings of jealousy and inadequacy. I negotiated a raise of my own. She was then given a promotion (well deserved!) within the same year. The same feelings of failure, which hadn't quite dissipated came roaring back. I of course then worked hard to earn a promotion. I thought a raise and promotion would make me happy but each time I attained one of those goals, I was not happy. Not at all. I was still miserable because these achievements ultimately filled my ego, not my heart. I should've been happy for my friend and deep down I was, but I let feelings about me, I, myself take center stage instead. 

I had been chasing after "success" thinking titles and having what others had would make me fulfilled. I also knew that I was causing myself unnecessary suffering through stories I crafted in my mind.  I started meditating simply to try and turn off that incessant voice that would not shut up and the brain that would not stop thinking.  Little did I know the journey to come would arm me with a valuable tool that has made me more resilient, a kinder human being, and frankly has also made life more enjoyable. I owe much of this to my spiritual teacher Jill Satterfield. 

Life is short, don't we all deserve to live it with more ease and happiness?

Before Jing started Pacific Pause, she spent over 10 years working in the investment banking, private equity, and retail industries. Jing graduated from Columbia University and Stanford Business School and lives in San Francisco with her husband and daughter.